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  • Free Flow of Soft Drinks & Chinese Tea (50Pax & Above), Beer & Stout (250Pax & Above), Red Wine & Hard Liquor (300Pax & Above)

  • Free elegant seat cover for all dining chairs

  • Hotel Style banquet seating

  • 50% discount on food tasting upon confirmed booking

  • Cocktail reception Party

  • Wedding March & First Course Presentation with Special Effect

-Laser & Disco Lighting

-Smoke & Music Effect

-Big, Slim & High Resolution LED Screen(s)

-Huge Stage Provided

  • Multi-tier Dummy wedding cake and Champagne fountain with complimentary bottle of champagne

  • Free wedding invitation cards with free printing up to 70%

  • Free guest signature book

  • Ballroom A:  10 to 20 Tables 

  • Ballroom B: 30 to 40 Tables

  • Ballroom A+B: 55 Tables

  • Diamond Ballroom: 15 Tables

  • Crystal Room: 20 Tables

  • All Ballrooms: 90 Tables





素食套餐 Vegetarian Set Menu $1278 Nett per table of 10 pax 


1) 六彩拼盘(春卷  五香 卤大肠 泰式吊片 凉拌黄瓜  沙律水果(葡萄 蜜瓜 草莓) 

    Six Kind Cold Dish


2) 养生极品汤 (怀山 竹笙 滑子菇 腾瓜)

     Superior Vegetarian Soup 


3) 宫保鸡丁芋头圈  

     Diced Chicken with Dried Chilli in Yam Ring 


4) 酸甜鱼

     Sweet & Sour Fried Fish 


5) 红烧猴头菇 (猴头菇 红萝拔 冬菇 西兰花) 

     Braised Hericium Mushroom with Broccoli 


6) 麦片杏鲍菇

     Fried Mushroom with Cereal


7) 田园四宝 (雀巢 炸莲藕 马蹄 红萝拔)

     Mixed Vegetable Mushroom in Nest                                                                          


8) 银芽伊面

     Ee Fu Noodle with Bean Spout


9) 白果芋泥

     Yam Paste with Gingko Nut 

Contact us now to book your preferred set !

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